A workout for the mind, body and soul




Become more mindful of the outside world




Be guided to certain kinds of flowers by their colours

Flower Retreat

My name is Linda and I am the owner of Flower Retreat Peldon

My background is Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Creative Meditation and Chakra Dance. I am a qualified Florist and believe in the power of flowers to enhance self-love and healing.

My philosophy in creating the retreats is based on my personal experience of working with women to create empowerment in their everyday lives and to be true to themselves.

The retreats I have created are for women. I am a woman, I am me, I am my true self and that’s what the day is about, being true to oneself by practising creative meditation by three mediums.

The Dance

The Walk

Intuitive Flower Arranging

We will work with the 7 main chakras to balance and restore our energy systems which so often are depleted by a world that wants to make us like everyone else. We are constantly bombarded with perfect and unrealistic images of how a woman should be.

Our work schedules are often hectic and the demands of family life are sometimes over whelming as we face the challenges of today’s environment.

For one day that will change.

You can be your own true self and share the day with other like-minded women who want to experience self-love, forge friendships and become a wild women at peace with her identity.

one to one retreats

The One to One Retreat.

The perfect way to experience time for oneself, to gain an understanding of the energy system and how the seven main chakras effect our wellbeing.

We can restore the balance in our energy system and maintain a healthy mind and body through the use of the four mediums of creative meditation.


Choose Your Own Retreat

Shape your own retreat to focus on your own needs.

Choose any one or all of the four mediums and arrange your day through Dance, Creative Meditation, Walking Meditation and Floristry.

Even set just one, such as a floristry-only retreat or a mixture of the four

food and emotion

Food and the Emotional self-specialised Retreat

A seven week Retreat in September taking one day per week and limited to only eight people.

Overeating is often due to stress, this program gives an insight into how our emotions affect our mental health, causing weight gain, and unbalancing our energy system.

The Retreat is for anyone that wants to start looking at what has happened to their body and the best way to manage it


The Venue

Nestled amongst beautiful gardens, a flower tunnel, swimming pool and acres of countryside are our lovingly restored 1950’s farmhouse and coach house. This is the venue for our dance and meditation, allowing you to experience the peace you deserve and make the most of the space around you.

Dance, Walk and Meditate amongst the flowers here at Flower Retreat…


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The retreat is located on the Peldon Rd.
Rolls Farm, Peldon Rd, Peldon, CO5