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one to one retreats

The One to One Retreat.

This is for anybody that wants to experience time for oneself to gain a deep understanding of how blockages in the energy system the seven main chakras affect our wellbeing

By using the four mediums of creative meditation we can learn how to gain balance and restore our energy system to maintain a healthy mind and body

The day will also look at how to manage stressful situations. Which is one of the main causes of an ill mind and body

Retreat Costs

£65 per person for a full day retreat from 10am till 7:00pm

There will be a buffet lunch / afternoon tea and drinks provided throughout the day

You will take home your healing floristry display and a goody bag

This offering is for individuals who prefer a one-to-one experience

For booking And more information contact Linda

Choose Your Own Retreat

The Retreat criteria can be arranged to fit in with your own needs focusing on choosing any or more of the 4 Mediums. Dance /Creative Meditation / Walking Meditation/ Floristry.

i.e. If you would like a floristry only retreat that can be arranged or a mixture of the four, see our Meditations for more information about the format of creative flower retreats

We can also cater for special occasions and celebrations for more information contact Linda.

Retreat Costs

£95 per person for a full day retreat from 10am till 7:00pm

All food and drinks provided a full buffet lunch afternoon tea

A goody bag

Your creative flower arrangements

For booking And more information contact Linda

food and emotion

Food and the Emotional Self-Specialised Retreat

This retreat offering runs for seven weeks starting in September one day per week limited to eight people.

Often the source of overeating is stress, the course offers an insight into how our emotions affect our mental health and cause weight gain and how our energy system becomes unbalanced.

Our weight can fluctuate during hormonal changes and whilst experiencing stressful situations.

It can also go the other way when we don’t eat enough and become underweight.

Retreat overview

An in-depth look at how we use food to feed our emotions

The effect of cortisol in the body.

Working each week with the energy system through creative dance and

creative meditation along with gentle walking to balance the seven chakras from Root Chakra through to Crown Chakra to eliminate the build-up of cortisol in the body that leads to a increase in weight often caused by stress


Each participant on the retreat will be given a journal to record their experiences and useful tips for the future. It will become Your Self Help Manuel written by you.

Mindful eating

Understanding how eating mindfully can change the way we think about food

Emotional Wealth

An insight in to what is meant by Emotional Wealth and how we can gain it to create self-worth and boast our confidence about our body image and managing stress

Physical Appearance

We will have a visit from a stylist to talk about dressing for YOU whatever your size

There will also be a visit from a makeup artist

Adding a little bit of subtle colour to the face can have a positive effect on our emotional well being

The Gym and Fitness

There will be a visit to our onsite fitness studio

The studio offers all types of fitness classes which may or not be for you

The visit will give an insight into how physical workouts can help maintain a healthy body and mind

However it is a personal choice how we choose to exercise our bodies and the gym isn’t for everyone we will also explore other options for keeping our bodies / minds healthy

The Retreat is for anyone that wants to start looking at what has happened to the body to cause it to gain weight and the best way to manage it

Please Note:

Medical Advice should always be taken by a GP when starting a weight loss programme

Medical Conditions: There are also some medical conditions that can cause weight gain and also medications that’s why it is always wise to consult a doctor who can advise the best course of action to take regarding bodily exercises and nutrition

Retreat Cost

The retreat is one day a week for seven weeks from 10am until 4pm

This includes all food and. Drinks which will be provided throughout the day

A buffet lunch will be provided also locally sourced food

Starting in September

For booking And more information contact Linda,

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The retreat is located on the Peldon Rd.
Rolls Farm, Peldon Rd, Peldon, CO5